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Cubs collapse comes early in 2010

The Cubs goofy spring training injury for 2010 goes to first baseman Derek Lee who reportedly hurt his back when he sat down with a plate of food Wednesday in the team clubhouse only to have the chair collapse beneath him.

Lee, 34, came out of the Cubs Thursday game after three innings because of a stiff back. The team reports that his availability is questionable for Friday.

Another Cubs freak injuries of note:

Kerry Wood hurt his shoulder slipping in his hot tub.

Ryan Dempster Broke his toe hurdling the fence in front of the Wee Bears' dugout in celebration of a victory.

Carlos Zambrano hurt his elbow doing a little too much social networking on his computer.

Mike Harkey hurt his knee doing a cartwheel on the field.

Sammy Sosa had to be put on the disabled list after throwing his back out with a sneeze.

Of course, the last one is only funny because it was Sosa. It wasn't funny at all during the several times I have thrown my back out with a sneeze.