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Are the Bucs stopping for Pena?

It's all quiet on the Pittsburgh front, which has caused the press there to speculate that former Cardinals catcher Tony Pena -- currenly a coach with the ALCS participating Yankees -- could be the guy they really want for the job.

Pena managed Kansas City for parts of four seasons and put together 198-285 record with very little talent. But he opened a lot of eyes in his first full year, 2003, when he put together an 83-79 record. His Royals clubs played with a lot of spark and he would certainly be a guy I would be interested in to replace Tony La Russa when he leaves.

Pena's experience with the low budget Royals shows that he is willing to be part of a rebuilding project. But Pena was an All-Star with the Pirates before coming to St. Louis and a fan favorite. If he came to town it would be a great marketing tool and he would have the credibility to say that he took the job because he believes the Pirates are committed to fielding a competitive team and make the fans believe it.

He's a good guy and Pena deserves another chance to manage in the big leagues.