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Lohse lit up by bush leaguers

If your counting on watching Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse come back from forearm surgery next week against the Cubs, you might want to make some other plans.

Lohse was pummeled Thursday by Class AA hitters in what was supposed to be his final rehab start before returning to the big leagues. He gave up 12 hits and five earned runs in five innings pitched against Arkansas. Although he didn't walk anyone, he was wild in the strike zone and paid for it dearly.

The Cardinals have not yet said what they plan to do with Lohse. But it's fairly obvious that he isn't ready for prime time. It's odd that as his rehab has gone on he's gotten worse each time out -- especially since he started out in Class AAA and then faced inferior hitters in he most recent outing.

Maybe it's just a feel thing after not throwing for so long. But this certainly doesn't help the Cardinals' efforts to right their ship and make a playoff push.