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D-Backs purge resets trade market

It will be interesting to see how Arizona's Thursday firing of its manager and general manager will impact the Dan Haren trade rumors.

Haren has been one of the hottest hot stove league topics. He has reportedly popped up on the radar of the Cardinals, Nationals and Phillies in the last week or two. Talks with Philadelphia were reported to be serious enough that the Diamondbacks were said to be scouring the Phillies minor leagues as they put together a wish list of young prospects they wanted in return.

One would have to imagine that a change in general managers is at least going to put the brakes on any deal the Diamondbacks might have had in the works. But who knows? Maybe Josh Byrnes wasn't moving quick enough at cutting the payroll to suit ownership.

Less than a month is a strange time to be cleaning out the front office. The D-Backs brass must have really been upset with plans Byrnes had recently been working on...