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Haren is with the Angels now

Cardinals fans hoping for a tearful reunion with the teams one-time top pitching prospect can move on.

Danny Haren was traded this afternoon from the Diamondbacks to the Angels, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News. He came in exchange for a package of three prospects. No word yet if Arizona will pick up part of Haren's future pay check.

If that sets the bar for the price of a top starter, the Redbirds are probably going to have to do better than their most recent offer of Jon Jay and Brendan Ryan for Roy Oswalt. It seems that the inclusion of Shelby Miller is going to be required to make a deal happen with Houston, although the Oswalt deal happen.

Meanwhile, the Reds think they could be a player for Oswalt, according to a story in the Sunday Cincinnati Enquirer. Not only would the Reds solidify an already strong pitching staff by picking up Oswalt, but they would prevent the Cardinals from getting him.

The Reds have tighter purse strings than St. Louis. But they could save $11 million by not picking up Bronson Arroyo's option for 2011.