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Inge, Damon hit the waiver wire

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that both Brandon Inge and Johnny Damon have been placed on waivers by the Tigers. So we'll see if they make it through to the point where the Redbirds could win a claim on them.

Most Cardinals fans I have talked to seem less than satisfied with the Pedro Feliz deal -- and that is to put things mildly -- so, maybe the Cardinals will still try to upgrade at third base if they get the chance...

The Johnny Damon thing also has me intrigued, however. With Ryan Ludwick playing in San Diego these days, the Cardinals' most likely spot to place an additional bat is in the outfield. How good would a lead-off type guy who has a history of getting on base and hitting in the clutch help St. Louis?

Damon is hitting .274 this season with the Tigers. His glove isn't what it used to be. But he might be a nice piece to add to the Cardinals' mix. But, with the way things are going for the Birds lately, I wouldn't give up any top prospects for a short-term rental.