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Carpenter ready for a Hallady and more on Mulder

Nick Carfardo of the Boston Globe writes that you can count Chris Carpenter as a supporter of a potential Cardinals trade for his former teammate and friend Roy Halladay.

"To trot roy and myself and Adam Wainwright and Kyle Lohse out there every four days, that would be pretty tough. Roy is the best," Carfardo quotes the Cardinals ace as saying about the potential deal.

With Carpenter as one of his closest friends, the potential Hallady has the M.O of the Cardinals all over it: Talk up a player to get him to accept a trade to St. Louis and let him fall in love with the fans and, hopefully, take a little bit less to sign a contract extension.

Speaking of Chris Carpenter's former teammates, Mark Mulder continues to rehab and, according to Carfardo, could be ready to try out for teams as soon as next week.

Mudler's agent -- you know, the guy who said he would be ready by May 2008, then June, then July, the spring training of 2009, then May, then June, then July... -- said the well rested lefty should be ready to jump right in to a major league rotation without much rehab "because he has been throwing all along."

Ok, I'm going to start holding my breath right now...