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Cards talking with DeRosa today

According to reports from the GM meetings in Indianapolis, the Cardinals plan to meet today with Mark DeRosa's people about coming back to the St. Louis.

But the versatile DeRosa turned down the Redbirds' offer of arbitration and seemed out of their reach with demands of $27 million over three years.

It is beginning to seem that the Cardinals are past Matt Holliday and onto plans B, C and D with the signing of Brad Penny and talks with DeRosa. Penny was an upgrade over what the Birds were talking about spending for pitching. And the team has long maintained that it couldn't really afford to keep Holliday AND DeRosa.

It looked like the Holliday talks may have taken a turn in the Redbirds' favor Monday when it was rumored that it didn't seem like anyone was willing to offer Holliday the six or more year deal he wants. The Cardinals would rather pay Holliday a higher annual salary with a shorter commitment in terms of years to keep their longterm flexibility so they can sign Albert Pujols to an extension.

But the Red Sox are increasingly seeming like they are the team to beat. Especially with talk that Boston left fielder Jason Bay is talking hot and heavy with the Angels.

Regrdless of what Holliday does, I really can't see the Cardinals giving DeRosa anywhere close to $27 million. That's a lot of scratch for a 35-year-old utility player.