Cheap Seats

Searching through Arizona's dumpster

Arizona GM Josh Byrnes told the media that he is ready to start selling off spare parts now that the Diamondbacks seem hopelessly out of contention.

Which begs the question: Can the Cardinals improve with the addition of anything off the Arizona scrap heap?

The obvious place to start looking is at second base where Felipe Lopez has been hitting well (.297 with 4 HR) after leaving the Cardinals as a free agent following last season. Skip Schumaker isn't getting the job done on the infield, although he is an excellent outfielder at all three outfield positions. He could be more valuable to this team back where he belongs.

Also on the D-Back yard sale are starting pitchers Jon Garland and Doug Davis.

Davis is a lefty, which the Cardinals crave. He has a terrbile record of 3-8 with 65 walks compared to a high total of 42 walks. But he has a very nice 3.53 ERA and has only given up 84 hits in 91 2/3 innings, which leads me to believe that he could posts more wins on a team with a better offense and defense to support him.

Garland has a more consistent record as a winner over the course of his career, although he is 4-7 with a 4.99 ERA. He's given up 95 hits in 83 innings and has only struck out 33 over that span, continuing his disturbing decline in whiffs. He's walked 34 so far, less per inning than Davis. But it's always disturbing when a starter walks more hitters than he strikes out.

I really wish there was some way the Cardinals could pry former Redbird twirler Danny Harren away from Arizona... Or at least St. Louisan Max Scherzer... But I don't see those guys going anywhere when Brandon Webb may have made his last start for the D-Backs and the team is trying to rebuild. Garland and Davis are free agents at the end of the year, so while their financial obligation will be limited, their helpfulness is questionable.