Cheap Seats

On this date in Cardinals history, May 5, 1935

The Cardinals play the Boston Braves and St. Louis starting pitcher Dizzy Dean faces baseball's all-time greatest slugger, Babe Ruth, at the bitter end of The Bambino's career.

Dean walks Ruth in the Babe's first two appearances at the plate. The third time up, Dean got a quick pair of strikes on The Babe and told his outfielders to have a seat before blowing a fastball past him for strike three.

Dean pitched a shutout and drove in all the runs he would need when he hit a homer over Ruth's head in right field.

There was no love lost between Dean and Ruth. Apparently the Cardinals star pitcher was resentful of Ruth's switch to the National League prior to the start of the 1935 season.

"He made all his money in the American League, so why doesn't he stay there?" Dean

said at the time. "I don't believe he was ever worth $80,000 a year. I don't believe I

am worth it."