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Game 6, Cardinals vs. Astros, April 11

It may only be the first week of the season and the Astros may be a bit down this year, but it sure does a heart good to watch the Cardinals beat Roy Oswalt's brains in.

No one expects a laugher when the Astros ace takes the hill against them. But the Cardinals scratched and clawed to a slim lead before Albert Pujols ended the doubt about which way the game would go with a laser into Big Mac Land.

I'm not sure if it was my imagination or if there was actually a sonic boom on the way to the stands... The second shot was barely over the left field wall, but nearly as damaging with three more runs denting the plate. Pujols almost hit a third homer earlier in the game when he hit a ball off the left field wall just to the foul side of the fair pole.

Adam Wainwright really struggled with his control, especially in the first three innings. But he seemed to find a groove after that. Hopefully he is getting his mechanics squared away.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Ummm... I think Pujols is a safe bet on this one.

Lowlight: For the second time this week, Colby Rasmus embarrassed himself by not running hard. This time it came on what he thought was a foul ball. Rasmus stood at the plate while veteran Astros catcher Pudge Rodriguez hustled to block the ball, which appeared to hit the dirt just in front of the plate, from ricocheting foul. Rasmus never really made any effort toward first base. A friend called and said manager Tony La Russa was interviewed on the air after the play and said he plans to have a little chat with the rookie about Cardinals style baseball. I hope so.