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Trade deadline roundup

It looks like the Cardinals may have missed out on Edwin Jackson -- if they were interested in him to fill one of the smoking holes in their starting rotation...

Reports out of Chicago indicate that the White Sox may be close to picking up the big, righthanded starter for a minor leaguer.

Former St. Louis centerfielder Jim Edmonds is attracting attention from teams in need of a lefty bat with pop, according to CBS Sportsline. But Edmonds, who has hinted lately that he plans to retire at the end of the season, said he doesn't want to go anywhere. The Giants are reported to be one of the teams that is calling about Jimmy Ballgame.

It's interesting how much Brewers fans have taken to Edmonds. In the post about the trade rumor, Milwaukee fans are pretty adamant that they don't want to see him go. Funny, because Edmonds has been hurt for a significant portion of the season. How often do fans embrace a 40-year-old player who has trouble staying on the field?

The Brewers rooters say they admire Edmonds for his hustle, attitude and leadership and hope that he'll change his mind about hanging up the spikes after the season.