Cheap Seats

Hurry up... And wait.

Hurray! it's baseball season and we don't have to suffer through any more baseball-less days until October... Or not.

Only Major League Baseball would factor in a giant buzzkill the day after the biggest day of the regular season. We're all geeked up about the Cardinals big win over the Reds on Monday and thirsty for more. But there is no more. Not, at least, until tomorrow.

The logic behind the deal is that the day off is a rain date for opening day. We couldn't have the people who bought tickets for game 2 getting to go to the home opener by default, could we? If it rains Monday, all those people who bought tickets for Tuesday can just go the next day.

Unfortunately, that's not how it works in the real world. Do they not realize that we have to take the day off to go to a baseball game in the afternoon? If it rains on Monday, that means we have to take TWO days off -- if the boss allows it.

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The Cardinals and Reds take the field Monday in Cincinnati. On Tuesday, the Redbirds are cooling their heels in their hotel rooms. AP photo.

The truth of the matter is, while opening day is a packed house around baseball, the second game usually isn't a big seller because kids are still in school and the weather often is still pretty cold that early in the season. In short, if it isn't a special occasion, people aren't going to go out of their way for it. So the real reason a day off is scheduled the day after the season opens is owners don't want to have to refund the money of 40,000 customers.

I can only remember one opening day that was rained out in the last several years, which was in 2008. So, stop pulling the plug on the excitement and let's get this season rolling.