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I wonder if Cardinals GM John Mozeliak had called Brad Penny's people yet.

He pretty much has to, doesn't he? Regardless of the fact that the Birds have two starters on the shelf, how could they pass on another Red Sox reject with the way that Julio Lugo and John Smoltz have played since being chased out of Beantown?

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Brad Penny throws a pitch for the Boston Red Sox. He was released Wedneday. AP photo.

Penny was cut loose Wednesday shortly after Boston's game. His numbers, a 7-8 record with a 5.61 ERA, are considerably better than Smoltz's stats when he was set loose. But the 160 hits he was pummeled for in 131 2/3 hits is a bit eye opening. Maybe Penny was tipping his pitches, too...

It just tickles me pink to see these players, chosen by Boston's stat-fed evaluating system, stink it up until they land in St. Louis and an old school manager and pitching coach find real world solutions to turn the numbers upside-down.

ESPN's Buster Olneey suggests another reason why the Cardinals might want Penny: To keep him away from the Rockies, who could really use another pitcher... Olney adds that Penny wants to pitch in the National League and that he could be extremely motivated to face his old team, the Dodgers, because there is bad blood after their parting of ways.