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Pitching roster

Although some players have already reported to camp, spring training officially starts tomorrow. So let's take a look at the guys who are going to be competing for jobs. Installment one is all about pitching.


26 R -- Kyle Lohse, 6-2, 210, 32... Coming into the second year of a four-year contract, the Cardinals are looking for Lohse to bounce back from a 2009 plagued by nagging injuries. Last season Joel Pineiro pitched like Lohse was expected to perform. Now Pineiro is gone, so Lohse needs to live up to his $40-million contract.

29 R -- Chris Carpenter, 6-6, 230, 34... The comeback pitcher of the year in 2009, Carpenter battled to the end for the Cy Young Award. His health is a key in 2010.

31 R -- Ryan Franklin, 6-3, 190, 32... The Cardinals signed Franklin to an extension after the All-Star break last season because he was pitching so well... And then he completely fell apart. Was it overwork or an injury? The Cardinals must be confident he can bounce back because they did nothing to shore up the back of the bullpen over the off-season

33 R -- Brad Penny, 6-4, 230, 31... Penny has Cy Young stuff but struggled most of last season with the Red Sox. He was better after being landed by the Giants. Penny has only pitched 200 innings twice... He has a lot more upside than Pineiro did as the fourth starter. And a lot more risk, too.

36 L -- Dennys Reyes, 6-3, 250, 33... Barring something dramatic, he'll be a bullpen lefty in 2010.

41 R -- Mitchell Boggs, 6-4, 215, 26... Boggs has struggled to find a place in the rotation. Sometimes he looks pretty good and others he doesn't. He'll get a shot to compete for the 5th spot in the rotation. But he seemed to find new life in the bullpen.

43 L -- Trever Miller, 6-3, 200, 36... Barring something dramatic, he'll be a bullpen lefty in 2010.

46 R -- Kyle McClellan, 6-2, 215, 25YO... Perhaps the favorite for the last spot in the rotation. But if he isn't in the back of the bullpen, who is?

50 R -- Adam Wainwright, 6-7, 230, 28YO... Wainwright had a breakout season in 2009 in which he should have won the Cy Young Award. He logged a lot of innings. Will he be able to hold up in 2010?

52 R -- Josh Kinney, 6-1, 215, 30YO... He could be the guy they need to improve the righthand side of the bullpen if he can pitch like he did in 2006 before he was injured. But Kinney has had trouble regaining consistency. Maybe the additional time to heal he had over the off-season will help.

53 R -- Blake Hawksworth, 6-3, 195, 26YO... His career seemed to be stalled before a move to the bullpen. He will compete for a spot from the right side.

54 L -- Jaime Garcia, 6-2, 230, 25YO... Last year he was excellent at Class AAA after returning from Tommy John surgery. Pitching Coach Dave Duncan has questioned if he is ready to be a major league starter which gives the impression that he will have to be spectacular to win a rotation spot this spring. But he is the Birds' most ready starting pitching prospect.

60 R -- Jason Motte, 6-0, 195, 27YO... He's got the raw power. He needs to add consistency and polish this season.

62 R -- P.J. Walters, 6-4, 200, 24YO... The former Cardinals minor league pitcher of the year struggled last season in Class AAA.

65 L -- Ben Jukich, 6-5, 205, 27YO... Picked up in the Rule five draft from the Reds, it seems unlikely the Cardinals will be able to keep him without making a trade. His best shot is if the Cardinals decide to go with three lefties in the pen -- and one of them isn't Rich Hill.

71 L -- Tyler Norrick, 6-3, 190, 26YO... An extreme longshot to make the major league club out of camp.

73 R -- Francisco Samuel, 6-2, 185, 23YO... Another longshot. Samuel will probably pitch as the closer in Class AAA Memphis.

75 R -- Adam Ottavino, 6-5, 230, 24Y0... 7-12, 4.75 last season at Class AAA Memphis.

48 L -- Rich Hill, 6-5, 205, 29 (non-roster)... At one time he looked like a rising star for the Cubs. Last season he had a sky high ERA and control problems. But, after having his shoulder cleaned up, the Cardinals hope he can regain his old form and win a spot in the starting rotation.

70 R -- Lance Lynn 6-5, 250, 22YO (non-roster)... He was a stellar 11-4 with a 2.92 ERA in hitter friendly Class AA Springfield last season before a promotion to Memphis where he made one strong start for the Class AAA club. Look for him to pitch this season in Memphis.

72 R -- Fernando Salas 6-2, 200, 24YO (non-roster)... Made the jump all the way from the Gulf Coast League to Class AAA last season with a stop in AA Springfield. In Memphis he was 3-2 with a 3.67 ERA.

76 L -- Evan Maclane 6-2, 185, 27YO (non-roster)... 8-11 with a 4.02 ERA last season in Memphis.

77 R -- Pete Parise 6-1, 185, 25YO (non-roster)... 2-1, 4.17 ERA at Class AAA Memphis.

78 R -- Oneli Perez 6-2, 200, 26YO (non-roster)... 4-3 with a 2.82 ERA in Memphis including 10 starts at eight relief appearances.

79 R -- Eduardo Sanchez 5-11, 155, 21YO (non-roster)... 2-0 with a 2.70 ERA in 41 games at Class AA Springfield.

99 R -- Charlie Zink 6-1, 190, 30YO (non-roster)... Long a member of the Red Sox farm system. Zink is a knuckleballer who lost his control last season.