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Over on the View From the Cheap Seats Facebook fan page I have asked fans to share some of their favorite Cardinals memories -- it could be something on the field, your first time to go to a game or just about anything -- as well as some of their ballpark related snapshots. Check it out. It's good stuff. And please, add yours, too.

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Here is the latest fan post from reader kwimpe:

Here's one I will never forget: 

My buddy and I are religious left field bleachers guys 'cuz you know, right field sucks. Well, in 1989 the Cards acquired a beast of a right filelder named Felix Jose. Or was it 1990? Anyway, I insisted we sit in the right field bleachers for once because of Jose. Willie was hurt so Rex the "Wonder Dog" Hudler was in center. That night the Cards were playing the Reds and it was surprisingly a pitchers' duel. We took our beat-down from the fans in the left field bleachers like men and were wondering when and how the game was going to end. With the Cardinals up 2-1 in the top of the eighth inning and a runner on 2nd with two out, Reds outfielder Herm Winninghan stepped up against a Cards reliever. The pitch came and out it went to deep left center field. And then Rex got on his horse. In a time span which seemed like 20 minutes, Hudler sprinted towards the warning track, and when he reached the warning track, he dove. His feet left the ground. He lunged head first towards the bright blue wall and extended his arms, his back to home plate. As he snared the ball, his body collided with the ground and slid towards the wall. He held up the ball, the fans went crazy knowing he just made a game-saving catch, my friend and I yelled; and he said "Did he catch that?" while we applauded and yelled. Then my friend turned to me and said, "This is the last time we ever sit in the right field bleachers!!" probably called me some dirty name which I won't repeat. 

The Cards hung on and won the game, and as we were attempting to leave the parking garage, we heard Mike Shannon on KMOX say that Hudler's catch may have been the greatest catch he had ever seen.

I told my friend, "If we were in the left field seats, we never would have seen it."