Cheap Seats

Looper prepared to sit out

If the Cardinals have hopes of signing Braden Looper to a low dollar contract to be an eighth inning guy or a competitor for the last spot in the starting rotation, they should forget it.

Fox's Ken Rosenthal reports that Looper is content to wait for a team to have an injury in spring training and look for a job then -- or just sit out altogether -- instead of taking a contract with a low base salary or a minor league deal.

I find it hard to believe that strategy will ultimately pay off when Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz have much better resumes and are still waiting for deals.

Looper has only been a starting pitcher for a couple of years. And it doesn't seem like teams are going to be begging Looper to take their $5 or $6 million when he had an ERA north of 5.00 in 2009.

It's disturbing how spoiled major leaguers have become when they turn their nose up at a couple of million to play a game when the economy is so bad and so many people are losing their jobs -- not to mentiont their houses.