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Cardinals vs. Dodgers, July 29

The Cardinals didn't put a bunch of crooked numbers on the scoreboard, but their victory Wednesday night/Thursday morning over the Dodgers may have been the most satisfying of the season.

This team reminds me in a very positive way of the 2004-05 Cardinals. It has a bunch of professional, patient hitters and solid, fundamentally sound fielders who don't have an ounce of quit in them. The difference between now and two weeks ago is that this squad is always capable of coming back. And that more than anything makes it a fun team to watch.

Down to their last strike in the ninth, the Birds scored their first -- and the tying -- run on a broken bat single by Colby Rasmus.

What more can you ask for than having Manny Ramirez cut down at the plate, falling behind in extras and then tying the game AGAIN and finally having Albert Pujols jack a two-out RBI hit over the centerfielder's head to win the game? ... Especially when first place is on the line.

Let's see the Cardinals show some killer instinct Thursday with Kyle Lohse on the hill and go for the four game sweep of a Dodgers team so strong that it hadn't lost more than two in a row all year before facing the New Look Redbirds. What a nice set up that will be for a weekend payback series against Houston.

Cardinals Star of the Game: It could go so many ways. And, in fact, I think it ought to go to the team as a whole. But this one belongs to Albert Pujols for getting the game winning hit when chances to sacrifice home Brendan Ryan failed with no outs and again with one out. Joel Pineiro gets a tip of the cap for another great performance.

Lowlight: Joe Thurston showed his complete lack of baserunning skill once again when he single handedly killed an extra inning rally by forgetting to touch first base on his way to what appeared to be a double. He finally came through with a solid line drive... And it was all for nothing. Well, at least it saved us from watching him get picked off... Again.