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Flash flooding hits Chicago as Cubs fall three games back

I still believe that the National League Central race will come down to the wire. But I am encouraged by the sudden panic of Cubs fans.

Driven by their sudden drop to three games behind the Cardinals, Wee Bears fans have begun to sing the woe is me chorus of excuses we have come to know and love. This year the theme is "The Cubs are clearly the best team. But, gosh darn it, all those injuries are what allowed those no good Cardinals to get ahead."

Boo hoo hoo.

Hey Cubs fans, you're team isn't the only one that has suffered through injuries. Remember Troy Glaus? I can see how you would forget the slugging Cardinals third baseman on account of the fact that he hasn't played a single game in 2009 due to shoulder and back trouble. How about the fact that starting shortstop Khalil Greene has had 141 at bats all season and has spent two long stints on the disabled list?

Outfielders Ryan Ludwick and Rick Ankiel both spent time on the DL and then came back too soon, causing them to struggle. And Mark DeRosa, whom the Cardinals acquired for two very good bullpen prospects to replace Glaus, has been hurt twice himself with wrist and back problems.

The Cubs have lost time from pitchers Carlos Zambrano, Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster? Well, the Cardinals have seen ace Chris Carpenter and Kyle Lohse miss a month each and now Todd Wellemeyer is on the shelf...

So, try again Cubs fans.... You know, maybe you really are just cursed.