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Detroit, Atlanta most likely destinations for Edmonds

The Tigers and Braves are thought to be the teams that are still in the hunt for former Cardinals outfielder Jim Edmonds.

It was reported yesterday that a pair of clubs are involved in negotiations with the former All-Star but that neither one of those teams were the Redbirds. There are conflicting reports as to what happened to put St. Louis out of the picture.

A report in Yahoo Sports claims the Cardinals weren't interested but then goes on to say that Atlanta and Detroit are believed to be offering more than the major league minimum, which is what the Cardinals had on the table.

Edmonds offered to play for St. Louis -- actually he challenged the Birds -- to let him play for the minimum. So money shouldn't enter into this equation. The more likely answer is found in comments from Edmonds' agent that he would like to be at least a platoon player and get about 400 at bats.

The Cardinals simply can't make that sort of a commitment with the starting outfield in place. But he would have made a nice reserve outfielder, quasi coach and pinch hitter.