Cheap Seats

Jupiter Journal, March 22

On Sunday there was a virtual monsoon in Orlando where the Cardinals were to play the Braves at Disney's Wide World of Sports, so no ballgame for me...

Going to try again today to see the Birds take on the Astros in Kissimmee. The weather is overcast and it's cool outside, but the forecaster says nothing about significant rain, so I have my fingers crossed... Of course, on Saturday said forecaster claimed it would be partly cloudy on Sunday with a 10 percent chance of rain...

During my downtime I noticed an interesting story in the Millwaukee Journal Sentinel about Jim Edmonds. Apparenly Jimmy Ballgame is having second thoughts about his decision to try to catch on with the Brewers for 2010.

In a nutshell, while Milwaukee may be thinking about using him Edmonds as its starting centerfielder, Edmonds misses being at home with his family and driving his kids to school. Edmonds didn't say if the opportunity to be a starter would sway him -- and maybe he said this to convince the Brewers to make it worth his while to stick around -- but he said he really didn't think it was worth it to be away from his wife and kids for six months if he was only going to "play a couple of times a week."

Stay tuned on this one because Milwaukee may be reluctant to keep Edmonds if it is feared that he could quit on them in mid season.