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Cubs fans... In their own words

October 07, 2008

Cubs fans... In their own words

I've heard a lot of comments both from people who think I am too hard on the Cubs and those who think I have taken it too easy on them. While I personally believe I have applied just enough venom mixed with sarcasm to keep me warm and fuzzy for the winter, I may have to reassess after reading what the team's own "fans" are saying about it in the Chicago Tribune.

The following are comments from readers that were posted in response to Tribune stories about the Wee Bears' playoff demise: (I took out the bad words, but left the typos, for the most part. I didn't have the kind of time it would take to fix 'em.)

  • Some of these clowns sound like they'll have a nice, hunky dorey winter and come back in the spring all set for another exercise in futility. Of course, whoever owns the Cubs by then (if decided) knows there'll be a sell out every game...
  • I don't know much about what Pinella has done in other playoff series- with other teams. But, I do know this much. Pinella has become a LAZY, FAT manager with the Cubs. He has not managed on his toes. He's sat back and made decisions based on Hunches, gut-feelings and hope and prayer. He has done NOTHING to motivate the team, made poor choices, and based on last season, I really expected Pinella to be more Pro-Active, with the 2008 team, he did not,- SAME RESULTS as 2007...
  • What does Sorry Oh NO care? He gets to return to the DR, be a local hero and join in with his buddy Aramis in their first real love----staging cockfighting tournaments.

    Dempster, same thing, goes back to Canada and gets all involved in his first love, the NHL and practicing his Comedy Act.

    These bums cash big checks and continue to not deliver. Read our lips, we dont care about your regular season stats and performances. Dempster you started this slide for the whole team---its probably best you get to Canada as fast as those two get to the DR. No sense lingering around here anymore.

    None of you take pride in the City you play for, its fans or this Teams history. Heck Sorry Oh No and Aramis can hardly speak the language after being in the US for years and collecting huge US dollars. And you never see those two involved in local charity work...Zambrano is involved regularly in person and with his time and money.

    I hope PETA finally goes after these DR losers for cruelty to animals once and for all. Like in dont come here to make big money and then return home to use it to hurt innocent animals.

    Save the excuses and explanations, pack your stuff and get to your home country. Just no pride in it all anymore is there? As Wall Street crashed for being over extended and non performance, I wish the same for MLB and these 3. Let them get their non performing bubbles burst. Two years in a row is enough to realize its not a curse---its them.


  • Trade these bums for some gamers. Not one is untouchable. Clean house.
  • As I told my friend after this debacle, Lou is to blame at least 50% because he is a complete and utter idiot. Here are my reasons: 

    1) He didn't eliminate the (expletive)  Blewers when he had the chance allowing us to face the Mets which we would have definitely beaten...and he (expletive) well knew the alternative would be facing the Dodgers and he (expletive) well knew the Dodgers were hot lately - stupid mistake #1.

    2) He didn't stick with what got him here..what got the Cubs to the playoffs, and that was the lineup. The idiot changed the lineup in each of the (expletive) games!!! WHY THE (expletive) DO YOU CHANGE THE LINEUP?!?!?!! You don't change the routine of a baseball team and of the players!!!! (Expletive) it stupid Lou, you players hate change and you screwed this team all up by moving people to different spots and cost us yet again.

    3) Lou didn't play the players that helped us, like Johnson, etc...but he put idiots like Blowry on the post-season squad and left Hoffpauir off!?!?! Geez, how stupid can you be...or right, as stupid as Lou.

    The other 50% goes to the idiots like Soriano, DP Lee and Ramirez. I don't blame Fukudome because he's been struggling and we all knew it, but Lou was stupid to still send him out....the other 3 have NO EXCUSE. This team will NEVER win the World Series...if they can't do it with the best team in Baseball then what makes you think they can with any other team?!?! 

    I hate this so much...watching baseball is over for me. It is too much of a chore to follow a 162 game season only to be disappointed at the end...this is just not worth it, even though I'll bleed Cubbie blue for life....sigh. I hope the White Sox can pull it out and bring another WS win to Chicago...go Sox.

    Step #1: Remove Lou's lips from Soriano's (expletive). This guy should be batting 8th -- in Double A. 

    Step #2: Fire Lou's (expletive) -- or does he have a "no fire" clause in his contract (which just got extended!!!) like the "no-trade" clause in these prima dona's contracts.

    Step #3: Let Ernie, Santo, or Billy Williams run the (expletive) team. At least they have a passion for Cubbie Blue. (Expletive), even Bob Brenly would be a better manager than the bloated fool they have running things now

    Step #4: Get ready for next year by selling white t-shirts with a big 'L' on them, not just the ones with the 'W'. Call them 'Cubs playoff apparel'. Maybe brooms in blue and white too. And most importantly --

    Step #5: Raise ticket prices for next year. The (expletive) fools will gobble them up the first day they go on sale anyway.
  • Curse is real...the only year that can't be explained with a Curse is 2007 when we just couldn't hit. This year we can't hit, have 3 errors in one inning, have a priest exorcise the dugout and get it caught on TV, etc, etc, etc....Curse is freaking real because you simply can't explain the weird things that happen to this team - these events are just somehow divinely inspired...(expletive) you devil!!!!!!!!!!
  • the cubs are very disappointing to even think about. Getting swept two years straight is no laughing matter. It makes me feel that they should make a change. lets start rebuilding our team and hopefully become a small ball team. that's how the dodgers beat us by playing small ball. Hopefully we do some type of change. Hers's an idea lets start with bringing in mark cuban to town. Thats probably the first break the cubs could get, having a owner that cares about his franchise from a fans point of view. 
  • No one wins in Chicago. If the Olympics are held here in 2016, no one will win a metal in anything (Um, I think he means "medal. But you get the point...) 
  • hank you for (expletive)ing us over again. Guess you are laughing all the way to the bank with you huge paychecks while other teams are still playing. GOOD FOR YOU!
  • The Cubs choked like no other chokers in baseball history, including their own. While we're shedding cutesy Cubs things (Bartman, goats, priests, W flags, it's gonna happen, stupid bar cut-offs of beer, etc.) how about shedding Wrigley, the funeral parlor of history? Time for a new stadium - keep the ivy and the brick walls in a new place. Build it right where Wrigley is, only make it fan-friendly. You know, the people who pay the tab for these losers. Call if Federal Bailout Field for all I care.
  • Okay, that's it. Over. My dad took me to my first Cub game when I was 6 years old in 1938. I'm now 76 and have been a loyal Cub fan for 70 years. I moved to Massachusetts 4 years ago but continued to follow my beloved Cubs. No more. It'll be the Red Sox now, and I guess I'll learn to love the DH in the American League after all. G'bye. 
  • Cubs blew it beyond belief and were a joke in the play offs. The fact they won 97 games is a miracle. They were pathetic in September and the only reason they clinched is because the Brewers were even more pathetic.
  • Knowing the Cubs and knowing Cub history, the worst is yet to come. Trust me.
  • The Cubs had absolutely everything they needed to go all the way. How they took such a magnificent, colossal dive is an utter mystery to me. How do you fix a team that apparently wasn't broken? Maybe Lou is onto something... perhaps 25 (expletive) transplants?
  • Hey Chicago whaddya say, the Cubs are gonna blow it today! 
  • They will never win as long as the dump they call Wrigley Field remains standing. It is the structure that is cursed. From falling concrete, to no parking, to bad food, to bad sight lines, to bad toilets. If it was still 1930 they might have a chance to win in a 1930s structure. But it is not 1930 and the Flubs will never win until they move into the new century. 
  • Since about 1970 I've often wondered what would happen first: 1) Northwestern National Football Champs; 2) Cubs winning World Series;3) McDonalds on the Moon. I'm going with 3. 
  • And people think I am mean? I couldn't have come up with something half this nasty. It's almost sad to read. But when you think about all the "it's gonna happen," "wait 'til this year" and other assorted Cubs obnoxiousness, it sort of evens out.