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Lopez has sore elbow

I wonder if the Cardinals have any regrets now about giving up on Julio Lugo so quickly...

Lugo, who hit so well for the Birds last summer after being picked up from the Red Sox, was shipped off to Baltimore for a player to be named later after Felipe Lopez was signed because the St. Louis brass thought there wouldn't be enough playing time for the both of them.

Now, the Cardinals report, that Lopez has a sore elbow and he hasn't started the last two games because of it.

Could the elbow trouble be due to Lopez's one-inning stint as a pitcher Saturday night against the Mets? Team leaders say that the elbow actually was bothering Lopez even before he tried to pitch. If that's the case, why in the heck did manager Tony La Russa let him throw.

Hopefully this is just some sort of tweek and and not structural damage. While the Cardinals thought the bench was too full with Lugo, it's certainly too empty without Lopez...

Originally thought of as an insurance policy for Freese, Lopez has been the primary backup shortstop now that Lugo is gone. And that job is more important than originally expected because of Brendan Ryan's slow start at the plate. He has also appeared at second base against tough lefty pitchers. And the Cardinals would probably like to have Lopez at second base when they take on Barry Zito of the Giants this weekend.