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Are the BoSox getting ready to make a Holliday trip?

The Boston Herald writes that the Red Sox may be getting ready to take a run at Matt Holliday.

Boston already supposedly offered $82.5 million over five years before spending it on John Lackey instead. The team is at or near the $170 million threshold for the luxury tax, so it would have to pay a premium on top of whatever it offered Holliday in salary.

It will be interesting to see what the Cardinals do as competition heats up. They reportedly haven't come off their initial $80 million offer over five seasons. They may have to if they want to stay in the game. But do they want to stay in the game, or is this another PR ploy to make it look like the team is making an effort as season ticket holders are writing their annual checks?

In addition to their contract offer, St. Louis GM John Mozeliak ought to give Holliday's people Edgar Renteria's telephone number. 

Boston is a place that can be a tough place to play for guys who don't like the glare of the spotlight. And Holliday certainly seems like that kind of guy.

The Herald also reports that the Sox may be willing to up their initial offer to Jason Bay who rejected a four year contract offer for $60 million before flirting with the Mets. The Sox could add fifth year to make the deal worth about $75 million, which seems to be more than New York is willing to spend.

That would likely drive the price up on Holliday. 

Another red flag for Holliday could be the fact that the Red Sox outfield would suddenly be crowded withi his addition. He's the worst fielder of the group of Mike Cameron, Jacoby Elsbury and J.D. Drew. Would Holliday be happy if next season they let David Ortiz go and made him a designated hitter for four years or more?