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Heyman: La Russa would be a poor fit for the Mets

Apparently the speculation that Tony La Russa could be on the mind of Sandy Alderson should he become the next general manager of the Mets isn't only limited to St. Louis.

Folks in New York are speculating that Alderson might seek to hire his former manager when he led the Oakland front office. And, frankly, some of them aren't very happy about it.

Sports Illiustrated's Jon Heyman said he doesn't see any way that La Russa could be named the next skipper of the Metropolitans. The thought is, besides the inevitable problems with the New York media, La Russa is a curmudgeonly sort who might not mix with the Metropolitans' clubhouse.

The Mets would like to hire someone more on the "scrappy" and thick skinned than the veteran St. Louis skipper.

Still, I'm not going to completely write this one off. La Russa seems to be motivated by going against the grain and proving people wrong when they tell him he can't do things a certain way.

Besides, La Russa wouldn't be looking for the Mets crowd to love him over the longhaul. While he seemed to do just fine in St. Louis with a dedicated group of detractors making negative comments about him on the blog pages, newspaper sites and on talk radio, La Russa probably only has two or three years left on the bench. And he is surely in a financial position to walk away any time he wants.