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California Holliday?

The Cardinals may want to think twice before making a move for Matt Holliday. According to the LA press, the Oakland flychaser may be front and center on the Angels radar if he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

The Halos could well afford to make a high dollar run at Holliday -- if they part with aging and off injured outfielder Vladimir Guerrero. And that seems like something Anaheim might be willing to do, According to the LA Times.

Holliday would certainly be the best outfielder on the free agent market if Jason Bay is resigned by the Red Sox. And this is all something the Cardinals need to keep in mind if they give up a bunch of talent to try to land Holliday with hopes of re-upping him beyond the end of 2009.

According to the LA Times story, Holliday and his wife lived in LA last offseason and really enjoyed it. So there may be more than money working against the Cardinals chances in this case.