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Holliday Thursday

Things are reportedly going well enough that the Cardinals think they could strike a deal with free agent outfielder Matt Holliday as soon as next week.

But the last week of negotiations seems like it will be the hardest.'s Jon Heyman reports that Holliday and agent Scott Boras aren't in the giving mood, rejecting a six-year offer from St. Louis that was worth more than $100 million. That's more than Albert Pujols makes, so it's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

While the Cardinals are throwing out various proposals they hope will entice Holliday. Heyman seems to think Holliday and Boras don't appreciate the creativity, instead holding out for the $20 million over eight years they originally wanted.

And Heyman said Holliday hasn't begun negotiating exclusively with St. Louis:

"Baseball executives view the Cardinals as the favorite to sign Holliday," Heyman wrote. "But there are said to be multiple teams still bidding on his services."

Did I mention I am ready for this to be over?