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Holliday, DeRosa and Pineiro decline Cards' arbitration offer

All three Cardinals players who were offered salary arbitration have turned it down.

Mark DeRosa, Joel Pineiro and Matt Holliday all decided to take their chances on the open market where they are free to seek multi-year deals.

The Cardinals biggest vulnerability was with Pineiro whose breakout 2009 season could have earned him a $10 million plus contract in 2011 over the $7.5 million he made last year. But the birds would have probably been thrilled to see Matt Holliday and/or Mark DeRosa accept one-year contracts set by an arbitrator instead of having to pass out long-term deals.

While the team is still paralyzed by the glacially slow Holliday negotiations, word that it's arbitration offered players have passed does offer the Cardinals a measure of flexibility as the front office tries to design the 2010 squad.