Cheap Seats

What was Mo waiting for?

Rick Ankiel had some interesting comments about dealing with the Cardinals front office in the arbitration process.

The pitcher turned rightfielder told that he told General Manager John Mozeliak a full week before his scheduled arbitration hearing Thursday that he would meet the team half way but didn't receive an answer. Instead, he left Jupiter, FL where he was in camp early working out, to fly nearly all the way across the country to the site of his hearing -- Phoenix, AZ.

When he got there, Mozeliak informed Ankiel that the team would accept the mid-point compromize, making the entire trip a waste.

"I didn't have my suit on," Ankiel said. "But I absolutely thought we were going. I think you have to expect it -- I flew to Arizona. That in itself causes you to expect that you're going. I think it's easier to assume that you're going anyway, prepare for it, and hope that something gets done.

"I didn't know if I was going to go, but everybody you talk to, they say it's not fun. It's not a fun process." 

I just can't get over how unorganized, unprepared and unprofessional the Cardinals front office seems to be these days. It's one thing if they want to be tight with players. But can't they at least treat them with respect and consideration?