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Did Halladay say "No deal?"

The Toronto front office has been taking a lot of heat for missing out on fetching a bounty of young talent for disgruntled ace Roy Halladay.

But a story today on Yahoo says it may not be the Toronto G.M.'s fault that a deal wasn't completed. Reportedly, a trade was so close with the Texas Rangers that Halladay was asked if he would be willing to waive his no trade clause to go play in Arlington... And he said thanks, but no thanks.

The Cardinals were never considered to be serious players for Halladay -- despite his desire to play in St. Louis with former teammate Chris Carpenter. But maybe that could change as the Blue Jays efforts to trade him move into the offseason.

If the Cardinals are players at that point, it's bad news because it means that they struck out in their efforts to re-sign Matt Holliday. And Holliday has to be the top priority for a team that had the worst cleanup batting average in baseball from the beginning of the 2008 season until the former Colorado and Oakland slugger arrived before the trade deadline.

With Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Kyle Lohse all under longterm contract, a slugger is more of a priority than a starter... No matter how good that starter might be.