Cheap Seats

No way it's Bay?

I guess I don't know much about high stakes negotiating. But I completely don't understand why the Cardinals would publicly announce that they don't find Jason Bay to be a suitable replacement for Matt Holliday in left field or in the clean-up spot behind Albert Pujols.

But I do know that if I am trying to buy a car I don't tell the salesman that, to me, there is no other car like it in the world and I gotta have it... So name your price and I'll pay it. You tell him his car is nice but you're going to look at one the next town over that you think is cheaper and that your really like to buy his car, but you gotta keep your options open and hope he cuts you a deal to beat the competition.

Of course, the rub is that the Cardinals aren't going to pay a high price for Holliday because they're too busy assembling the chorus to sing their favorite tune: "(We Don't Have Any Money."

It's a joke that the Cardinals would even infer that they think Bay isn't a good enough defensive player to wear the Birds on Bat. Not to reopen any old wounds, but I can clearly recall claims that Chris Duncan was good enough and that career third baseman Troy Glaus, who couldn't throw well enough to play third base, could play left field because there was nothing to it...

I really hoped the bold move to bring in Holliday, Mark DeRosa and John Smoltz was a sign that the Cardinals rediscovered their competitive spirit. But, with the nay saying about Holliay yesterday coupled with the maybe we'll spend the $30 million we shaved off the payroll if it makes sense comments yesterday from the owner, I'm afraid the long slide into oblivion is back. Enjoy watching the Albert Pujols one-man show while you still can.