Cheap Seats

Time to go, Randy

Okay, I am officially off the Randy Winn bandwagon.

Although I hated seeing Jon Jay sent down when the Cardinals picked Winn off the Yankees' trash heap, I have to admit that I was excited about the possibilities of his switch hitting coupled with his lengthy errorless streak in the outfield.

But Winn has been useless as a righthanded batter this season. He's hitting .118 as a righty batter against southpaw pitchers. Who needs that when Cardinals have three lefties on the centerfield depth chart? Jay, Colby Rasmus and Skip Schumaker couldn't do any worse against lefties than Winn.

What's worse is that Winn's supposedly good glove is a complete sham. It's pretty apparent the reason why he didn't get any errors tagged to his record for a year plus is that he plays so freaking deep that he can't get to most short flies. He hangs out near the fence and waits for long, lazy flies to settle into his glove. The Cardinals have tried to get Winn to move in since the infamous ninth inning meltdown in Colorado where two fly outs fell in front of him as he manned his position somewhere in the middle of the warning track. Unfortunately, this has exposed the fact that Winn can't go back on fly balls. At all.

It's time for Winn to go somewhere else. Maybe Cincinnati would be good... He's done far more damage to the Cardinals' post season chances than he has enhanced them.