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KSDK: Freese's DWI charge last week wasn't his first

An interesting, and disturbing report on KSDK 5 tonight about Cardinals third base prospect David Freese.

According to the story, Freese -- who was charged last week for drunk driving after allegedly being pulled over with a blood alcohol content about three times the legal limit -- was arrested under similar circumstances in Ballwin in 2002.

Add to that the public intoxication charges filed against him two months before Freese was traded from the Padres to the Cardinals for Jim Edmonds and a disturbing pattern emerges.

Freese looks like he has the skills to be a pretty good major league third baseman and hitter. But you have to wonder about the guy's commitment to being a professional athlete when he's behaving like this. Talent can only take you so far in life, at some point athletes have to be committed and disciplined if they plan to play at the highest level.

If the Cardinals can bring back Matt Holliday I was comfortable with letting the rookie have a shot at winning the third base job for 2010. But the more that comes out, the less I think he deserves to be handed the job.