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Oswalt expected to accept deal to Philly

Word out of Houston is that Roy Oswalt is expected to approve a trade that would ship him to the Phillies for several prospects and J.A. Happ.

Oswalt probably has little choice but to accept the deal if he wants out of Houston, which he does.

According to several reports, the Astros will send a huge pile of cash to Houston as part of the deal -- $11-12 million. Oswalt also has waived his previous demand that his 2012 option be picked up as part of the deal.

It seems like there is little chance if Oswalt did exercise his no-trade rights that he could force a deal to St. Louis. The Cardinals reportedly wanted to send Houston little in the way of prospects in exchange for absorbing Oswalt's huge paycheck. Or at least most of it. That's the 180 degree opposite of the formula that worked for Philadelphia.