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Cardinals @ Cubs, May 29

I should probably be happy that the Cardinals won one of two games with rookie starters on the hill.

But it's a shame when the offense couldn't do anything Saturday to even give Adam Ottavino a chance to win his major league debut. Ottavino got in a lot of trouble with walks. But he was only scored upon in one inning. And that inning was greatly aided when Alfonso Soriano was given credit for a stolen base when he was clearly out on replays.

Maybe they would have had more of a gripe about the umpires if the Cardinals actually scored any runs. But when you can't get a base hit with anyone on base to save your life, it's pretty hard to act like you got hosed out of a victory.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Matt Holliday was the only St. Louis hitter to manage to collect two safeties. He even got past first base once.

Cardinals Play of the Game: Playing with a short bench thanks to pitching injuries that sent Joe Mather back to Memphis for reinforcements, the Birds sent struggling infielder Brendan Ryan to the plate. Ryan flaired a ball over the head of the Cubs second baseman. Yadier Molina, who was on first, read the play perfectly and managed to go all the way to third base with some excellent baserunning.

Lowlight: With Molina at third and Ryan at first, the Cardinals sent their best pinch hitter, Nick Stavinoha, to the plate. Stavinoha promptly hit into a double play and that was that.