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Yankees error restores Cardinals as record holders

The Yankees overlooked three members of their club when they passed out World Series bonus checks last year, now players have to return $10,000 each to straighten out the mess.

Two members of the training staff and a player were overlooked when the checks were handed out, according to The Yankees had voted to award 46 full playoff shares which divided the teams $21.2 million slice of the post season pie into slightly better than $365,000 slices. But the MLB Players Association jumped in and forced the Yanks to cut in the overlooked members.

What does this have to do with the Cardinals?

Well... With the $10,000 lopped off their bonuses, the Yankees record breaking bounty was watered down a bit. And that restored the 2006 World Series winning redbirds to their position as the biggest post season bonus getters in MLB history with $362,173 received.

Players actually net about 50 percent of the bonuses after state, local and federal taxes are taken out.