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Kennedy Motown bound?

The Cardinals are looking for a lefty bat and a versatile infielder who can play second and third... Sounds like Adam Kennedy to me...

We all know that reunion is not going to happen, though, after the spectacular separation that saw the Redbirds want rid of Kennedy so bad that they released him just before the beginning of spring training and ate his $4 million salary -- even thought they didn't have an heir apparent on the roster.

In fact, the Cardinals ended up replacing Kennedy with Skip Schumaker, an outfielder who hadn't played second base since his college days.

According to the Detroit Free Press, it looks as if Kennedy's best bet for a major league job at this point is the Tigers who are looking for some stability at second after letting Placido Polanco go as a free agent in effort to cut some payroll.

Although he struggled with his health -- and sometimes his bat -- during his second stint in St. Louis, Kennedy played very well last season in the American League where he eventually caught on with Oakland after spending time in Tampa's minor league system.