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Rained out

I was looking forward to watching the Cardinals take on the last place nationals Sunday.

The Birds are red hot and the Nats are the worst team in baseball, so it was a good opportunity to make some hay while the sun shines. Unfortunately, the sun didn't shine. It poured.

But, on the bright side, the rainout gave Albert Pujols a chane to rest for two straight days while missing only one game. And it gave the Cardinals the ability to avoid using a makeshift starter. Kyle McClellan was going to start in the place of Kyle Lohse. The latter has a balky knee and manager Tony La Russa didn't want to take a chance of him hurting it worse on a wet and slippery field.

The day off also gave the Cardinals battered bullpen an unscheduled day off, which may be the most valuable benefit of all.

Hopefully, the layoff won't break the Cardinals hot streak.