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Barton shipped out... For good?

Brian Barton was among nine Cardinals hopefuls to be demoted to the minor leagues Monday.

It makes you wonder what the team was thinking when it took him last year in the Rule Five draft and kept him on the roster for the entire season. I had no doubt that after going from Class AA to the major league bench that he was going to Memphis this season. That puts him on pace to come to camp last year as a 28-year-old fighting for a job. That's a big investment in time and money for a player with a marginal shot to ever make an impact on this club.

He's one of the worst defensive outfielders this side of Chris Duncan, but he doesn't hit like Lil Dunc. And that's a bad combination. Personally, I have a hard time imagining Barton appearing in a St. Louis uniform again unless there is a rash of injuries that includes Nick Stavinoha and Jon Jay.