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Tejada could still be a fit

Despite the Cardinals' claims that they might not be able to afford him following the signing of Matt Holliday yesterday,'s Jon Heyman thinks St. Louis is the best fit for free agent infielder Miguel Tejada.

Tejada supposedly wants $8 million a year, which would probably max out the Redbirds' budget without addressing the fifth spot in the rotation, the bullpen or the bench. But St. Louis may be hopeful that as time passes and options dwindle that Tejada takes less.

If he came to St. Louis, Tejada would likely have to move to third base with Brendan Ryan emerging as one of the best defensive shortstops in the National League. That's a position he has never played before, which makes it something of a risky move. But manager Tony La Russa probably thinks of the high average, good pop infielder as an ideal second place hitter. So that may make him worth a defensive roll of the dice.

This would be an imposing lineup:

2B Schumaker

3B Tejada

1B Pujols

LF Holliday

RF Ludwick

 C Molina

CF Rasmus

SS Ryan