Cheap Seats

Going up?

Just in time for the holiday season, the Cardinals have jacked up ticket prices... again.

My seats went up a dollar, which means they have increased in cost by about 30 percent since the new ballpark opened in 2006. Remember, the ballpark that was going to ensure that the Redbirds would remain financially competitive into the foreseeable future?

Of course, the Cardinals' payroll in 2009 was $4 million less ($88,528,409) than it was in 2005, ($92,106,833) the last year in the old Busch Stadium.

If they don't make this the Holliday season and re-sign their free agent left fielder, the Cardinals stand to make their payroll a lot less. Before raises to their arbitrtion eligible players, the team payroll currently stands at $55.8 million.