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Jay and Ryan are on the table for Oswalt

According to ESPN, the two major leaguers the Cardinals offered the Astros for Roy Oswalt are Jon Jay and Brendan Ryan.

I would rather give up Allen Craig than Jay if I was the St. Louis general manager. But, if Houston would go for that offer and the Cardinals still think they could afford to sign Albert Pujols, a rotation of Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Oswalt, Kyle Lohse and Jaime Garcia would be awesome... Especially in the post season.

The Astros don't want to trade Oswalt within the NL Central, according to reports out of Houston. So it's really up to him as far as how far he is willing to push his no trade clause. Oswalt told he's willing to renegotiate his contract to try to make things happen with the Cardinals, his desination of choice.

I'm surprised less that the Birds are willing to give up Jay than I am that they would part with Brendan Ryan at this point. He hasn't hit a lick this year but, without Ryan, the Cardinals are desperately thin at shortstop. It was less than a year ago that people were comparing Ryan's defense to Ozzie Smith and his offense to Edgar Renteria.

I wonder if that's a sign that if the Redbirds traded for Oswalt that they would make a second deal for infield help... Or if they really think Tyler Greene is up for it.

Remember Felipe Lopez is at third base as long as David Freese is hurt. And, after the unfortunate meeting of a weight and Freese's toe... That could be a while.

Meanwhile, the Tigers, Twins Cardinals and Yankees are believed to be talking to the Diamondbacks about Dan Haren.

The Tigers and Twins, accordint to Fox Sports, are on the list of 12 teams that Haren can block a trade to.