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Greene signs with Texas

Former Cardinals shortstop Khalil Greene somehow scored a major league contract for 2010 -- although at a greatly reduced rate.

Greene signed a $750,000 deal to be a utility infielder for the Rangers. He made $6.5 million from the Redbirds in 2009 to spend most of the season either on the disabled list or buried on the bench with a social anxiety disorder.

There was talk last season that Greene, who has made a fair chunk of cash in his brief major league career, would walk away from the game when the contract he signed while still a member of the Padres expired at the end of last season. But, apparently, he wants to still try to make a go of it at a lower stress job.

Over the last two seasons, one in St. Louis and one in San Diego, Greene has struggled to hit .200 and his confidence in the field unraveled with defensive errors. He ended up playing more third base than shortstop because of the emergence of Brenda Ryan