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Draft: Shelby Miller

I'm reserving judgement on the Cardinals' first round pick in the Tuesday Major League Baseball amateur draft.

St. Louis selected high school pitcher Shelby Miller with the 19th overall selection. Scouts view him as something of a safe -- if not spectacular choice.

According to Yahoo Sports, Miller is "the definition of a power pitcher" and he has a "solid body and arm." But while the reports say he is a safe bet to make it to the majors, the ascent could be long and slow... And when he gets to the bigs, scouts project the righthander only as a third starter type.

Hopefully Miller will turn out to be more of a front of the rotation guy. But the Cardinals recent track history doesn't support that sort of wishful thinking. With the possible exception of Colby Rasmus, their farm system seems to only spawn fourth outfielders, bullpen pitchers and utility infielders.