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Ryan's wrist

Anyone got that here we go again feeling about Brendan Ryan's spring training eve wrist surgery.

It's hard not to think of the news last January that Troy Glaus needed shoulder surgery. That announcement made Cardinals fans wonder why the heck he didn't get it just as soon as the previous season ended so he would be ready sooner.

Ryan has been fighting wrist problems for a couple of years. So why does he wait until his first season as a projected starter is set to begin before addressing it. He said the condition has worsened in the last couple of weeks, which is what drove the timing. But, come on, if you have a persistent problem, what do you expect to happen? It's going to get worse if it isn't fixed.

Redbirds rooters have spent most of the off-season worrying about the bench and the bullpen. But let's not forget that Ryan doesn't exactly have a long and established history. The Cardinals are counting on him heavily to catch the ball consistently and to at least hit a little bit to justify his place in the starting lineup. But what happens if Ryan's wrist is a longterm problem?

Julio Lugo's days as a starting major league shortstop are behind him. If Ryan can't do the job, it may be panic time in the middle of the Cardinals infield. And this is the time of year where you want to be decreasing the amount of question marks your club has, not when you want to be adding to them.