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Holliday's contract is packed with incentives

More details are starting to emerge about Matt Holliday's contract with the Cardinals, namely that in addition to making $17 million a year for at least seven years, it includes lots of potential incentive payments.

Holliday could earn an extra $200,000 if he is named the National League's Most Valuable Player, $100,000 for finishing second in the balloting and $50,000 for finishing third. He would get $150,000 if he is named the World Series MVP, $100,000 for NLCS MVP and $50,000 for division series MVP.

Bonuses of $50,000 would be paid ever time Holliday makes the All-Star team or wins a Silver Slugger or Gold Glove.

It amazes me when a guy gets $17 million a year that he feels like he needs a bonus for doing his job up to the standards his agent claims he is capable of. All Scott Boras told the press and the Cardinals since October was that Holliday is a franchise player and one of the elite men in the major leagues. Now we are supposed to be pleasantly surprised if he actually lives up to the billing?

Holliday also gets his own suite when the Cardinals are on the road.

On the bright side, the Major League Baseball Players Association makes Holliday's contract seem a little easier to swallow. According to ESPN's Buster Olney, the MLBPA figures due to $2 million a year of Holliday's pay being deferred without interest, the real value of the contract is only $113,580,723.