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Perez's price tumbles

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When the free agent bidding began, Oliver Perez told the Mets that he wanted $70 million over five years to sign on the dotted line.

But, with players' values dropping faster than my 401K's balance, Perez is now fielding offers in the range of $30 million over three years. The price has dropped so low, in fact, that the New York press reports the Brewers and Rangers have taken notice and joined the Mets in the Perez pursuit.

My Question is: How far does the price have to fall before the Cardinals get involved?

I know GM John Mozeliak said, if he does any pitching deals at all, he would do something short term. But if the team can dole out more then $10 million per season over four years for Kyle Lohse, wouldn't three years at the same price for a 27-year-old lefty sound like a deal too good to pass up?

With or without Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright, Lohse and Perez would give the Cardinals a solid core in their rotation for the next three seasons. 

The Cardinals could easily afford Perez. According to Yahoo! Sports, their payroll currently projects at $91 million for the upcoming season. Ownership claims it is willing to spend as much as $110 million. If that isn't enough wiggle room, backload the deal. Joel Pineiro and Todd Wellemeyer will both be free agents next season. Pineiro, alone, is pulling down $7.5 large...

Mozeliak is going to be sorry this time next year when he is trying to fill four holes in the lineup and two spots in the rotation. Take advantage of the down market and sign a very talented and healthy young starter while his price is reasonable.