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ESPN: Cardinals make formal offer to Holliday

ESPN is reporting that the Cardinals have finally made a concrete contract offer to Matt Holliday. The amount and the years offered have not yet been revealed.

The move was likely the product of Mark DeRosa, also known as "Plan B" getting at least one contract offer. DeRosa is believed to have been offered a deal by the Giants yesterday as the general managers meeting in Indianapolis were winding to a close.

I hope the offer is legit and not of the below market take it or leave it sort offered to A.J. Burnett a few years back when he decided to instead sign with Toronto. The Cardinals are likely only going to get one bite at this apple. Either they are going to be close and work something out, or they are likely going to turn away from Holliday and try to sign DeRosa and some pitching help.

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I would guess that the Cardinals offer is right at the $100 million mark for six years. And if Holliday really wants to play for the Cardinals -- or go for the highest dollar possible -- ought to become incredibly obvious in the next 48 hours or so.

While I think the Birds are a much better team with Holliday -- and I believe that it can afford Holliday AND Pujols -- I think their realistic upper limit for Holliday is no more than $18 million a season for more than six years, which would add up to $108 million.

That falls well short of Boras' outrageous demand of $180 million over 10 years. But it is certainly a legit offer.