Cheap Seats

Sitting one out

At first I thought it was a little bit odd that Albert Pujols said he didn't want to play in the Cardinals Thursday game against the World Baseball Classic squad representing the Dominican Republic.

But, when I got to thinking about it, I don't think I would have cared to see Albert playing against the Cardinals had he been able to participate in the WBC. It would have been really weird to see him wearing a different uniform while other guys on the field are wearing the birds on the bat...

It's hard to think of Pujols ever playing in another uniform, period. And I hope we never see it.

Sure, at some point he will probably reach a point where on paper it would make sense to trade him in for some younger players. But some players mean more to teams than trade value. The Cardinals were right not to trade Stan Musial for Robin Roberts because Stan's legacy belongs in St. Louis. And Albert Pujols needs to play in one uniform for his entire career, and then there ought to be a statue in his likeness put up outside Busch Stadium.