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Manny almost gummed up the works for the Birds

Former Cardinals manager Joe Torre told that Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez seriously considered opting out of his contract with Los Angeles to move back to the American League where he could be a designated hitter.

I wonder how much it might have affected the Redbirds' pursuit of Matt Holliday should the Dodgers suddenly have found themselves with an extra $20 million a year to spend. With Manny Being Manny back in the fold, Da Bums found their hands largely tied thanks to the divorce of their owners. But they could have been players in the Holliday race without changing the financial picture of the team for the worse if Manny chose to terminate his deal.

Dodgers Stadium isn't exactly the home of Holliday's finest hour. But I have a funny feeling he could have put any bad feelings behind him for an extra year and a few million bucks. And Holliday looks like Willie Mays in the outfield compared to Man Ram.

Even if the Dodgers weren't seriously interested, if it was known they had the money and a left field opening it could have played into agent Scott Boras' hands. Cardinals GM John Mozeliak said the Birds were on the brink of walking away during the Holliday negotiations. So any additional problems could have easily been a deal breaker.

Torre has said he's glad Manny stuck around and he pledged to rest him more to keep him fresh in 2010. But how much more can he rest him? Manny was suspended for 40 games last season for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He should have been as fresh as a daisy.